Lead Management Fundamentals:   How to close more leads?  Part II

Lead Management Fundamentals: How to close more leads? Part II

The latest lead management technologies offer viable solutions to bridge the marketing-sales gap. A good Drip Marketing Automation program can ...

Lead Management Fundamentals:   How to close more leads?  Part 1

Lead Management Fundamentals: How to close more leads? Part 1

This sales-marketing gap causes the greatest amount of friction and frustration between sales and marketing. (It does not matter whether ...

The Mount Everest of Google Ranking is Gone Forever

The Mount Everest of Google Ranking is Gone Forever

If you company is spending alot of money on SEO, stop. It's a waste. You might as well send ...

Stop Losing Deals over Poor Lead Management

Stop Losing Deals over Poor Lead Management

You would be amazed by how many leads are simply dropped a week or two after being generated. The sales ...

3 Things You Need to Know for Your Small Business Today

3 Things You Need to Know for Your Small Business Today

What are the 3 things you need to know today for your small business? Find them all right here. We ...

Merchant Cash Advance For Beauty Parlors

Merchant Cash Advance For Beauty Parlors

Small business entrepreneurs while running their business face financial crisis at one time or the other. Sometimes these financial crunches affect the business adversely and the business needs financial assistance.

While looking around for financial help one has bank’s finance and outside borrowing from the market as one source and merchant cash advance as other viable alternatives. Bank’s finance is always difficult to obtain because of tedious documentation, lengthy procedures and formalities and providing of collaterals. The outside borrowing from the market is available to tide over the financial crunch but at enormously high rate of interest. The ...

Merchant Cash Advance for Bars

Merchant Cash Advance for Bars

Merchant Cash Advances are a viable source for operating capital and cash flow. Merchant Cash Advance is different from small business loans. To tide over routine cash crunches in a business there is nothing better than Merchant Cash Advance.

Traditional small business loans are provided by banks that adhere to certain guidelines and frameworks insisted upon by banking control authorities. These loans are cumbersome to obtain. Tedious and completed documentation and length loan clearance mechanism along with collateral for loans are some factors which are very difficult to follow.

Merchant Cash loans are very simple. There are not hassles and ...

Merchant Cash Advance for Restaurants

Merchant Cash Advance for Restaurants

Small business enterprises often face financial crunches, which affects their business enormously. The crippling financial resource makes it impossible for them to run the business and sometimes the situation becomes so alarming that they have no remedy other than calling it a day. Such entrepreneur looks around for help but no one seems to hold their hands and enable them to tide over the situation.

One of standard solution is to obtain a bank’s finance. Bank’s do finance small business concerns but are not spontaneously coming forward to assist a business concern that is showing a dip in ...

Business Phone System For Small Business

Communication is the most important thing for any business. So in a small business, business phone system must be helpful. It will decrease the communication cost and helps a small business to operate the business more efficiently. If you are an owner of a small business, your first and initial focus must be on a phone system, because communication with business client and customer is very essential for a business. So it should be under careful consideration.

 Before all discussion you have to note that there is no any specific reason to call any business small. However, we call a ...

Credit Card Processing Checklist

Follow these steps for smooth set up and processing of your account.

Set Up Checklist:

1. Do shop around and get multiple bids. offers bid from the top processors. 

2. Do get completely setup at least two weeks before you need to process your first card.

3. Do get new processing equipment that fits your business needs and is PCI compliant. 

4. Do Accept American Express One Rate plan – this gives you the lowest American Express rate and consolidates your billing.

5. Do opt out of paper statements to save on your monthly statement fee. Use the ...

"Merchant Cash Advance for Small Business"

"Merchant Cash Advance for Small Business"

In modern days when there is a stiff competition all around and the need to present you ahead of others to sustain business and to remain as a front runner, one needs abundant financial resources. The financial crunch is a great hurdle and affects the business enormously. This affect hits one’s business very badly. Situations arise, when one is confronted with such financial crunches, that the idea to either close down the business or borrow from outside sources at high rate of interest becomes the only option. Such a situation is very alarming as these outside borrowings, which though ...

Ripped Off: How Credit Card Processors rip off small business.

The Top Processing Schemes

Ripped Off 

The inside secrets about how the banks rip your business off on your credit card processing and the steps you can take to protect your business.  

1.  The Incredibly Low Teaser Rates - 

Fact: There is not one Visa/Mastercard rate. Visa/Mastercard list their rates, called interchange. The interchange schedule have over 300 rate categories.

Solution: Demand to see a schedule of rates.

2. Enhanced Billback –

Processor promises low rates and then adds high surcharges for non-qualifying transactions.

Fact: Card Types and Transaction types (swiped or key in) qualify at different

Visa/Mastercard Interchange ...

Things To Be Aware Of When Opting For A Business Phone System

There are several considerations that rely on the requirements of your business when opting from one of the several business phone systems. You would need to ensure that whatever phone systems for office that you opt for has features that are accessible that are important to the operations daily of your business.

Several businesses need some general features like voice mail, capability for conferencing etc. Several businesses need a method for the caller to leave a message when the receiver of the call does not get the phone answered. A few phone systems possess this in-built while others need an ...

A Credit Card Processing Statement

People who utilize the credit cards for several deals criticize the unnecessary deductions that are done to their accounts quite often. Several times the deductions are done by the credit card processing companies as the fees which are very essential for the contribution to their revenue. The impetus is on everyone to be aware of all the components of the processing of the credit card statement so as to be aware of the dealings better.

It is not an easy task to have knowledge of the statements. This is possible due to the varied designs which rely on the credit ...

The Importance Of Payroll In Business

Some of the business functions make a great impact on the morale of the employees. One such function is the management of the payroll. Several businesses nowadays depend on the simplicity of direct deposit. There are a few companies that rely on the payroll processes that are manual. Sometimes these processes that are manual are a source of problem.

Some of the methodologies make a great impact as the getting of the payroll outsourced for small business. Why do several companies depend on the payroll outsourcing management to the services of the payroll company? The salary which is based on ...

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