Salesforce finally gets it

Salesforce finally gets it

Salesforce has been around for a pretty long time. Like me, you probably started using salesforce a number of years ago.  Like me, you are probably frustrated with the lack of certain features. 

I’ve used salesforce on a corporate level and as a business owner.  On the corporate and business owner levels, Salesforce has been used primarily as a database with email sending capability.  When I worked for one Fortune 500 Company, not one manager knew how to use the reporting features of salesforce. Not even the VP’s. 

What was their solution?    Many resorted to compelling their sales teams to submit weekly reports on an excel spreadsheet.  The company was paying millions of dollars a year for the program for its sales teams and they did not have a clue on how to use it.  How crazy is that?  Take a hint you controllers out there.  Google Docs offers a free cloud based database.  Save some money. 

As a savvy manager, I learned quickly how to navigate and use Salesforce to make my job easier and more productive.  I was always light years ahead of my coworkers.  I even installed a third party app to my salesforce account to do drip marketing automation.  The program was not very good, but it was all that Salesforce had to offer. 

Finally, Salesforce got it right when the company acquired Pardot.  Pardot is a leading marketing automation company.  What is marketing automation?  You have not been reading my posts.  Shame on you. Ok.  Marketing automation is the number one way to combat the deadly sales sin of lead abandonment. Marketing automation allows you to send out a series of emails, news letters and press releases to your prospect over a long period of time with little effort. 

Why is marketing automation so important?   Let’s look at some frightening sales stats. 

Studies have shown that 85% to 90% of your prospects do not close immediately.   Many won’t close for 6 months or more.   95% of all sales reps stop contacting a prospect after the 3rd attempt to get the sales process moving forward.  75% of all sales are made after the 4th contact with the prospect.

In summary, you have two things going on, many leads take a long time to close and typically those types of leads get abandoned.  There is a solution.  The solution is drip marketing automation.  Salesforce offers this service through Pardot, whose service offers a way to stay relevant with your prospects over the long term with minimal effort on your part. 

My company has been generating leads for the past 4 years.  In my humble opinion, drip marketing automation is the best technology to increase your close ratios.  It is efficient and productive.  That means you don’t have to spend a ton of time working the program.  It’s more of a set it and monitor it type of program. 

My company offers a similar program through Act-On.  There is a DIY version and we offer a turnkey solution.  Yes we provide the set-up, the content (emails), training and implementation.  (Yes, I’ve had clients who have gotten these programs and never use it.  So frustrating).

I don’t care if my clients get Act-on or Pardot or Hubspot.  Just get a drip marketing automation program.  I will repeat, get a drip marketing automation program.   Then set up and use the dang thing.    It’s like seeing a $100 bill on the ground in the park and not bothering to pick it up because you don’t want to bend down.  Stop being lazy.  Stop the bad habits. 

My recommendation is to look into Pardot.  If it is too pricey, then get Act-On.  But whatever you do, get a drip marketing automation software and then buy my leads.  If you do that, I’ll have you as a client for life. 

With your sales team, you can create a boiler room or have sales boiling over.  The choice is yours.  

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