3 Things You Need to Know for Your Small Business Today

3 Things You Need to Know for Your Small Business Today

Obama delays Obamacare for businesses - Christmas comes early.  But not for people.  The mandate will go into effect in January unless Congress votes to delay the mandate. 

3 things small business can learn from Google's product failures - Google has product failures?  If you give things away is that considered a failure?  It is an interesting article.  Google has alot of discontinued services, like Google Buzz and Google reader.  I would not consider these failures.  Google just takes them off the menu.  Their core services are going strong and are a cash cow.  Google owns the internet.  What more do you want?

Small Business Borrowing is on the rise - This article runs counter to last week's article from small business trends that small businesses were not borrowing.  Who is right?  It is kind of like the unemployment rate.  It depends on who's counting and what is being counted. The article sights additional hiring as the reason.  I'm suspect.  Who borrows to hire more people?  You'd only do that if you wanted to expand your business.  With our stagnant economy and uncertainties about Obamacare, I don not think businesses when on a hiring spree.  Do you? 

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