Escape from Social Media

Escape from Social Media

Go to any restaurant or coffee shop today and what do you see?  People like pigeons looking down and pecking at their mobile devices.  Are you standing in line for Starbucks?  Invariably, you will whip out your phone, check your emails, twitter and facebook feeds, and twirl away with some game app, maybe angry birds.  You will look up occasionally to see that the line has progressed.   Even when the clerk asks for your order, you are stunned out of your daze and mumble something coherently and promise to get back to him as soon as you finish that least tweet.  

We've become obsessed with instant information.  They've even named an app, instagram.  You can send 15 sec video's now.   The iphones and ipads and mobile devices are being becoming more than just tethered to us.  THey are becoming a ball and chain.  It has gotten so bad that they can drag us down into the morass of unpleasantness.  Take for example my wife threatening to leave me if I don't give up my phone which she says have become my mistress. Think about it.  My Iphone is the first thing that touch before I go to bed and the first thing I touch when I wake up in the morning.  I'm spending more time looking at that tiny screen than at my beautiful wife.  In my defense, I say, you know honey, its not just a phone, its a camera, a weatherman, a calculator, a concierge locating the best restaurants, a gps, and so on.  I spend more time fiddling with all the apps than actually talking to people on the phone.  That's what smart phones are for.  

You've got to break the addition.  I'm not going to give you a 12 step plan.  There is a simpler way.  I found out this week.  Just go camping.  I was at a high elevation in the Rocky Mountains and there was no signal.  That meant no email, twitter or facebook.  My wife was relieved.  You know what, after the initial withdrawl, so was I.  I was with my family and with my wife.  I was hiking and fishing, not posting, pinning or tweeting.  Did it feel create no feeling the compulsion to check my phone very 30 seconds.  I just took pictures and videos.  I was freed from social media for two days and it felt great. 

So try it.  You may cure your addiction or discover that you are not so addicted.  

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