3 Things You Need to Know for Your Small Business Today

3 Things You Need to Know for Your Small Business Today

Which currency can get to the bottom the fastest?   It looks like Japan's Yen is yenning or yearning for this distinction.  Wasn't long ago when Japanese cars and electronics dominated the world market?  Now, its Apple and the Koreans are coming on strong.  Of course, Bernanke is doing his best to inflate the US currency.  Maybe he stabilized the economy.  I don't think so.  GDP growth in the US has been sluggish at 2.2%.  This is bad news because we've been printing so much money.  Typically, you get a boom, and then spiraling inflation.  The US appears to be caught in stagflation. 

How to choose the right facebook contest - Facebook is a great social media platform to grow your email list.  If you need to build one quickly, contests are the way to go.  The key to contests appear to be the prizes you offer.   A lousy prize leads to lousy results.  You are going to have to spend more than $200 for the prize if you want good conversion.  

Dairy Queen to give its workers treadmills - You know it might invite their customers to get some at a discount.  Dairy Queen, its not just for dessert.  You can get a full work out too.  Expect to see more whacky things as Obamacare is being rolled out. 

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