Top 10 Keys to Lower your Credit Card Processing Costs

Top 10 Keys to Lower your Credit Card Processing Costs

1.     Switch to Interchange Plus Pricing

2.     Know your Business Type

3.     Get set up under the correct Visa/MasterCard Program

4.     Know your card mix and average transaction

5.     Use Latest Processing Technology

6.     Review your statements (at least every 6 months)

7.     Accept All Card Types and transaction methods

8.     Be in Contact with your account executive

9.     Get multiple bids for card processing service 

10. Buy value – not price


Blindbid is conducting a series of whitepapers to empower small business merchants to save on their processing ...

Advantages of wireless processing

Credit card payment has become commonplace nowadays, which is why most retailers are now using credit card processing services in order to provide this payment option for their customers. Some even went beyond that and turned to wireless credit card processing. How exactly does wireless or online credit card processing work, and how will this benefit your company? This article discusses all the information you will need to know about this payment option.

How does wireless credit card processing work?

Wireless credit card processing works essentially the same way as ordinary credit card processing, in that a customer can use ...

Credit Card Processing for small business

The retail and business industry today continues to challenge itself by providing merchants with technology that can help them, no matter if they are considered to be small business, to run with the bigger corporations and companies.

One such technology that these businesses can use are credit cards. However the problem with credit cards is that it would require people to get the necessary affiliation before they can accept credit card payments on the fly. This is why there are a lot of new businesses that are called credit card processing for small business or better known as merchant services ...

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