Tips On How To Buy A Great Restaurant POS System

Tips On How To Buy A Great Restaurant POS System

A great and effective POS (Point of Sales) system serves as a tool and an in-built mechanism device which ensures effective and controlled running of a Restaurant. If you have bought or researched point of sale (POS) systems within last five years and have analyzed it in detail, you might have undoubtedly encountered a problem which has frustrated so many Restaurant owners. That is a market flooded with products, but few if any unbiased, third party reviews. Fully featured POS system which could maximize profits is not assured by simply going through vendor brochures. Some more aspects more than ordinary ways are required to ensure a perfect POS system.

Each POS system comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. There are indeed certain important features expected if any Restaurant POS system. These features require special consideration.

Ordering and customer interaction features:

A fast easy to use graphic interface which provides order entry and automated promotions and discounts (Daily or Weekly schedules);

Provisions for server to quickly split checks, enter special orders and add new orders to pre-existing checks;

Provides gift cards, reports and customer reward systems;

Stock/Inventory and Back office features:

Automatic reporting when stock is running low or nearing exhaustion plus the provision to generate a ‘shopping list’;

Provides data on inventory utilization;

Enables adjustment to be made at a short notice either on the site or wirelessly.

Provide detailed sales reports on items, displayed in the menu and finding out effectiveness of discounts and promotions. This gives insight into the menu items which are in great demand and others which are not favored. Suitable pricing of the menu can be based on this analysis and discounts wherever suitable would affect maximum business.

Compilation and consolidation of multiple restaurant data in a single report which would enable to have an effective overview of the working of the Restaurant.

Personal Feature:

This is an important feature of a POS system of a restaurant.

An effective and automatic time card system that alerts the employees for meal breaks. Such a system would create a sense of discipline, prevent proper utilization of working hours and curtail overtime hours. Regulated working hours ensure proper utilization of staff. Such provisions ensure proper employees working schedule.

Ability to generate detailed reports on the performance of employees and sales.

Security features:

Compliance with PCI (Payment card industry and DSS-Data Security System);

Protection against data logging, remote execution and memory scrapping;

Utilization and encryption technology;

Upgrading or repairing and customer service features:

In-built redundancy features to keep the system in smooth running condition and prevent data loss in the event of failure of the server;

24/7 customer service which is an added feature and provides special status to the Restaurant;

Provides secure remote services.

All these features, added together, ensure successful POS system for the Restaurant and cut short the time spent on managing the Restaurant effectively.

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