Three Reasons Why Restaurants Need POS Systems

Three Reasons Why Restaurants Need POS Systems

One of the most difficult and time consuming aspect in running a Restaurant effectively is managing the inventory. If inventory management is not done in a systematic way and is done manually it is a huge task and is difficult to manage. You can end up spending hours each month just counting condiments.

Modern ‘Restaurant POS System’ can reduce considerable time in managing inventory and can ensure better control in running a Restaurant.

At some point of time you need to replenish an item which has been consumed. The hardest part of managing the inventory is the initial set up phase. This would enter in an initial stage, all products which need tracking.

To cite an example:

If someone purchases an omelet, you need to program the system to not only deduct eggs from the stock, but also choose any topping, oil etc. In most systems this process is done by defining a food recipe in the system. In such a recipe oriented system, you would specify all the ingredients that go in the making of the menu item. The moment the menu item is sold; all the ingredients are automatically removed from the inventory.

In the POS system in a Restaurant you have the ability to create purchase orders for your vendors. For example when you are out of eggs you would generate the purchase order for more eggs. When those eggs arrive then the system would include eggs in the inventory. This is indeed a much organized and effective way of managing the inventory. In such a way the process of maintaining proper inventory is speeded up. However, no system is fool proof, upgrading of the system at periodic intervals is a must.

Computerized Cash Registers:

Computerized Cash Registers are very essential in POS systems in a restaurant. To remain competitive it is extremely important to note which items contribute to your profit. Computerized cash registers ensure better customer services with faster checkouts, improved inventory management and sales figure reports at the click of a button.

Some people consider that computerized POS systems can be costly. There are however, some initial upfront costs, other than these it is not a very costly provision. Many computerized cash registers have in-built accounting package. This will allow you to see in detail which actions are costing you much money and which actions are bringing in more money. Remember knowledge is power and when it is limited, you are at the mercy of the circumstances.

Computerized Point of Sales (POS) system is the ability to control your cash. With a standard cash register it is difficult to find employees who are draining your resources. Modern POS systems come with the security features like managers and employees swipe cards. This keeps a proper record of attendance, which is an effective tool in the business. Actions like voids and returns enable employers to keep a track as to which employee performed the void and return which the manager approved it and for what reason.

Today’s POS system have integrated accounting package. If the performance is not up to the mark this will be an easy way to get started. As sales are performed in the system, those totals automatically get imported into the accounting package. If you are already keeping track of your accounting in your business, you may find it much easier to use an accounting package with a computerized cash register, instead of manually importing data into separate accounting software. 

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