Business Phone System For Small Business

Communication is the most important thing for any business. So in a small business, business phone system must be helpful. It will decrease the communication cost and helps a small business to operate the business more efficiently. If you are an owner of a small business, your first and initial focus must be on a phone system, because communication with business client and customer is very essential for a business. So it should be under careful consideration.

 Before all discussion you have to note that there is no any specific reason to call any business small. However, we call a business small when it has comparatively less employees. A line selection feature called key system unit (KSU) is used for these kind of business firm. Through this feature you can connect with any phone. It does not need to control specifically. So it cost low labor cost. Small business owners are now choosing this to maintain their phone system.

Key Telephone system (KTS) is also use in small business but when your business will more upgrade you have to change this system, because its features have some limitation to use.

 Now, let’s some discuss with small business phone system. A small business is a business that has a small number of employees and it is privately owned and operated. In the United States, US Small Business administration (SBA) sets up the definition of small business. They also set some criteria to be use in the determination of small business. Small business phone system consists of a number of telephones used in a consistent fashion. This fashion allows some advanced features of telephones such as call handling and transferring, call holding, conference calling, music on hold, call forwarding, private and shared message boxes and so on.

Before you start, you should start from the basic part. You have to know the different sorts of telephone system; you should know the different features, functions of your phone. It helps you to maximize the use of your phone. It will also save your valuable time as well as cash.

 It is very important to deliver right information at the right time. It is very essential for any business. There might be come the situation when you have to deliver data to avoid negative effects. And also for the fast communication, business phone system is very essential.

 Let’s take a walk in the past. In that time there was not any concept of virtual working. People worked together through one to one meeting. It was expensive and wasted too many times. So, it was not possible to maintain a good relation with the clients all the time in a small business. This requirement has produced a need of proper communication system. However, with the passage of time we have seen that every business companies are maintaining a good communication system. But a number of people are still unconscious with the small business phone system to communicate with their clients effectively.

 It is business phone system that can make or break your company image. If your phone signals is busy or out of signals for long time the clients might be annoyed with. So you should be careful when you are maintaining a business phone system for your business. In this situation, you would need some features that allow the dispatcher to communicate with the drivers. The system might allow the extensions to be forwarded cellular phone that helps the clients to reach you easily.

 Previously, only big multinational companies can able to maintain this business phone system, because phone system was too much expensive. Sometimes they are able to pay the installation charge but the find very hard to pay the hardware maintenance fee and the monthly fee. Big companies have greatly benefited by maintaining phones to communicate with their clients. By the time the demand of using phone system in business is creasing as well as its maintenance charge is going to be affordable. That’s why medium and small companies are showing their interest on business phone system. Another reason of its popularity is it has all the communication features and functions for their subscribers that they are need.

 There are many service providers who provide some great features and functions like toll free number, internet faxing, PBX etc. Toll free number provides you more voice calls as well as more clients. If your phone is system is not toll free, it will charge some money to your clients when they will call you. So it is important that your phone system is toll free. It is also important that your toll free number is portable. Then you can use it with any phone that you will register with your service provider. It will make you more mobile and you can do your business at any time even when you are on road or abroad.

Internet faxing will enable you to send and receive faxes right through your computer. This is certainly a faster and efficient way to communicate with the clients. It will save the material cost of traditional faxing like ink and paper and also it will save time. You can send a fax just like to send an email. You have to compose a message, attach a file and just send it. Comparing with the traditional faxing, you don’t need to fax all the time in working time. You can send faxes even after your working time. You can also send faxes at any time. It does not matter where you locate and what time it is. Your phone system also enables you to print out a fax document on your computer. When a fax of a customer will come, you will become know that via your mobile phone. So you will need not to stay longer near the fax machine. You can encrypt your faxes with a password to maintain your privacy.

PBX is a cost effective way to connect with customers and employees. By connecting virtual extensions to the main toll free number the clients call will forwarded to the correct person. It will make the communication more efficient thus you can improve customer service significantly. With the help of this virtual PBX you can make a commercial image to customers. But sometimes it is expensive for small business.

Another plus point of this phone system is, it is very easy to configure and install. So it does not need to hire any professional for handling the system. It saves your money. Also it makes a very easy and fast interaction. So your clients need to wait for long time to reach you. It will certainly enhance your business image to the clients.

 These particular features are not at all to describe the features of business phone system. Many of us look only these specific features without knowing that there are also some amazing features in a business phone system. These are:

 Conferencing:  Conferencing allows you to talk with multiple persons at a time. With the help of this feature you can now carry out meetings at any place on your phone. This feature is revolutionizing the office communication.

 Scalable:  Now, The business phone system is come with the feature enables your system scalable in a large extends. New systems are easier to modify and it is very important to keep your same phone system with the advance technology.

 Voice mail:  You have to be aware that no phone call can drop without answering. Your phone system allows you the facility of voice mail. If there is no one on the other site of your phone then your clients can leave a message at the voice mail that can be taken later by you or a relevant person.  This feature also allows you to avoid wrong messages.

 Management system: With this feature you can your system settings through a computer using a browser. This makes easy to change your settings individually instead of hiring a phone technician.

 Most of the phone system service company provides an extra battery that last for an hour or even more depending on the company and the model of the telephone. This will decrease your losses if there will a power outage.

 Voice over IP has become a model in telecommunication. It is the ability to receive the call from computer using internet. Phone companies are giving this feature to have communication breaking the boundaries. Now, small business companies are taking this opportunity to enhance their business.

 VOIP calls are simply save money because calls are completed over an internet connection. If you have this feature you need not to have a dedicated landline Phone. It is instead routed over the internet. It simply works as an email. When using The VOIP services you might be limited only to the subscribers to the service or anywhere in the world. Most phone system providers offer unlimited long distance calling for a very low cost; where traditional phone system charge a huge rate. With the tough competition of business, providers are now offering some great features at some best price. This is obviously good news for you.

 In VOIP system you can keep your current phone number and can make as many calls as you wish. Doesn’t it amazing?  No more tension for the irregular phone bill, Just make calls at a very low rate. Since this service is more common, it is available in many areas of the world. Those who still do not switching off to VOIP service, can easily switch their connection to VOIP.  This only requires a phone number outside of your area code. If you are going to switch on VOIP, you should check something to ensure your profit. These facts are:

1.     Local numbers should be available in your area.

2.     You must have to be able to call 911 emergency service

3.     The rate of long distance call

4.     Which geographic areas you want add in your service?

5.     What services are available?

6.     Extra costs

 7.   Terms and conditions.

 There are also some disadvantages of VOIP.  Sometimes you might hear some echo or repetitive sounds on your phone when you are in a call. It sounds like you are repeating yourself.  Besides, you must have to set up a computer for running a second phone line.

However, VOIP Systems are acquiring popularity for their affordable service of communication especially for small business. The day is not so far when VOIP Phone system will call the Nucleus of Business communication.

Now you don’t need to pay a lot of money for business communication. Just cut the bills down to a reasonable level by using VOIP services.

You have a great choice at your disposal. Even many small businesses do not have their phone system yet. You need to be aware when purchasing a phone system that you can get an internal IT supports. And you also need to be skilled on how you can add extensions and basic continuance.

Business phone system providers are now giving many offers to help small business companies. They will help you find the right business with right communication; will help you to overcome from the problems and the flexibility that you need.

Phone providers normally offer the following incentives for business phone system-

Phone system provider’s advice how to find the ideal phone system. They also give a strong solution of your problems and experienced project manager to install the phone system.

They also provide a programming training and constant technical support to the Business companies.

· Most reliable and cost effective VOIP system. This is one of the great service that phone providers offers with a very little cost. That is definitely a rich solution for small businesses.

· Identify the problems before they occur. They keep the system smooth. System maintenance is very important because if you are in a trouble with your system, your regular business might be interrupt.

Telephone maintenance companies have their dedicated and skillful engineers to cover your business. They offer 24x7 maintenance supports. They also assist you with additional handsets, system upgrade, system installation, business mobile, broadband connection and so on.

 It is opt to you what features you choose for your business.

Your phone system can be your most valuable investment in your business. So you have to be careful when choosing the telephone system for your company. You need to ensure that your phone system will not be out of date very quickly. Don’t buy the features that you will never use. Please note that of you choose to buy a big list of features, it will increase your total cost. You need phone systems with the features that would be useful for you. The sales person might try to oversell but you have to keep in mind that what is your budget.

Then you have to decide about the size of your phone system. Find out an approximate incoming and outgoing call at any given moment. It will help you to know the number of lines or trunk you need. Keep in mind about the expandability condition for future growth. If you choose too small size, your clients might get busy signals and this way you will buy the annoyance of clients.

It is good to collect some information about the budget of some basic components. Such as basic system, handsets, wire, installation and configure charges.

You can find the telephone company by searching the yellow pages of the phone directory under “Telephone equipments and supplies”. You can also find the telephone company from other small business firms.

A good business phone should have all the features and functions that will make your communication more effective and smooth.

 Another thing that is very important to learn that toll fraud can cost a huge loss to your company. It will occur and loss you before you know about it. It usually occurs when unauthorized calls are made using by your phone system. These calls are often made to foreign country. You can not realize this until you receive the bill. In this circumstance, the phone company rarely discharges the extra bills. So, it is crucial to set up the system to minimize the losses.

Though the choice of phone is critical, but it is a crucial decision for the improvement of your business. Now there are a huge number of phone system companies to choose, there are some particular companies designed for only small business, great cooperation and everything that a small business need. You just need to pick one of them which one is in your budget. Because there are so many options, you can be in a fix. So remember your budget limit and try to buy a telephone system under your budget.

You have to fulfill the following criteria’s to satisfy your clients.

·Quickly answer the questions that your clients wanted to know. Call must be routed automatically to right person whether they are in the office or any place.

·You can’t wait your callers for long time. Every caller should be welcomed warmly. You can see the caller details with screens pop-ups.

·Specify the caller if he/she wants to call you in a straight line

·For easy access you can send voice mail to email.

·Try to speak clearly all the time and answered their question with a jolly voice

·Inform the caller before you placing him/her on hold and thank them for holding on.

·It is superior to call them instead of keep them on hold too long.

·Don’t let your phone ring more than three rings in your office. Try to pick the phone early.

·It is not good to interrupt your callers when they will talk to you and never argue with them.

·Don’t receive personal phone calls frequently when you are on work.

·Don’t give the impression to your buyer that you are busy. If you are busy just call back them.

·You need to learn how to handle several callers at a time.

· Return call back quickly if you receive a voice mail

· If you have not the permission, don’t call your clients before 8am and after 9pm.

Remember that all business phone system will not only help your business remain competitive but also it will make your business more mobile. This system gives a significant edge over competitors.

It is important to consider the reverse situation when your incoming calls are too much less then outgoing. It is very important to understand that how much business you have done with your targeted outline. So your staff should be well trained and full of confidence. It will increase callers as well as clients. If it is needed a training can be given. Training usually includes a quick overview on how to use phone facilities. You should also check the voice of your telephone operator.  It should be very friendly and jolly voice.

Phone system is now a recent BOOM. To compete with larger business it is essential to having a phone system for your business. Many of the consumers often go with well known names. So, small companies have to work harder to establish the confidence of the customers. And communication is the most important part of a business. When a client calls and it is handled with a proficient mode the client will certainly satisfy and will feel more confident about the caller as well as the company

 The above scenario shows some ways in which a small business owner can increase the productivity of their company and save money and time.  Multinational business holders have already enjoyed its amazing feature and now small business owners have started to adopt this.

 Just make a good communication system with your clients. Telephone system is a gift of modern technology. Then why we will not pick the gift?

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